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the lonely GINGE-bread man

23 Nov

the lonely GINGE-bread man

Arrr look at this poor little fella, all his brothers and sisters have gone off, and now he’s looking for a new home…

GINGE used to be a high flyer, but didn’t take redundancy too well, (hence the shirt and tie).
Now he’s just a down and out, found nestling in piles of old tinsel, he doesn’t bother even to shave.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…with your help we can find him a new home – a sparkly, twinkly branch to hang off. Can you give hope to an abandoned decoration?


M&J Moodboard: Fairies

11 Nov

Pretty & gay (in a 60’s way)… Sally loves all things ladylike

M&J Blog



As Halloween is inching closer, we’ve been brainstorming some last minute costume ideas that you can throw together with a touch of DIY. One idea we’re loving is the classic princess or fairy. With this in mind, we’d love to DIY a pretty pair of glitter shoes, create a lovely lace crown, or embellish a dress with some flowers. Check out some more of our inspiration below, and don’t forget to stop by!





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Pretty mades – all in a row

10 Nov


Here at Sallytowers we are getting Christmas fair ready (aren’t we all).  The decorations are mainly done, all that’s left to make are the HAIRCLIPS, NECKLACES, KEYRINGS & more year round cards…not much then.

Sally’s confirmed tour dates so far:

Sunday 18th November – BEAUMARIS CRAFT FAIR (Leisure Centre), North Wales

Saturday 24th November – LLANDUDNO CRAFT FAIR (Town Hall), North Wales

More dates to be added soon so, “Keep ’em peeled ducks”!

Working for the (fat, bearded) man

9 Nov

Making moustaches in Sally’s workshop, it’s all work and no play here. The finished item…A Festive Sally’s Moustache, coming soon to Folksy. Not everyone wants candy-canes and holly sprigs right?!







Post no 2…smells good

8 Nov

Sally’s a bad girl with a good heart and a head for crafting and chatting.

20121108-220844.jpgcrafting tables at their best


and so it begins

17 Sep

40s lacy collar

we’ve read the books and watched the demos, now its time to actually put fingers to keys…oh we’ve just done it look…so here is the long anticipated first blog from Sally’s Moustache.  Why not get started with a little shameless self promotion… over to Sally who recently made a cute 40s style lacy knit collar.